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Leverage our 29 years of experience for your business and customers needs across the delivery, digital modernization, product and engineering.

Technical Leadership

Driving technology strategies and leading teams of engineers to build platforms, innovate and deliver solutions to better serve end users and help businesses meet their goals.

Roles this can map to: Chief Technical Officer, Chief Delivery Officer, Vice President of Product Development

Problem Solving

Support at-risk projects and successfully stabilize these projects, getting teams out of a morale tailspins and back on track. Deliver for end users while increasing trust from the business stakeholders.

You can think: Field Chief Technology Officer

Growth minded solutions

Provided support to both government agencies and government contractors to create, deliver and support procurements

You can think: Growth and delivery executive and technical solution evaluation

Community curation, creation and leadership

Cultivate communities within government, companies and the local technical communities

You can think: Communities of practice for engineering and product also open source communities

Manage and mentor leaders

Help leaders of all types and levels become better at their role and deliver more effectively for your organizations goals.

You can think: Executive team coach, technical leaders from new to seasoned.


Highly experienced and serious executive team.

Robbie Holmes

Founder / CEO

Maxwell Edwards Holmes

VP of Snacks & Snuggles



Manassas, VA